Monthly Archives: January 2015

Gorilla adhesives now in stock

We’re delighted to introduce 2 new products to our website.

We now have Gorilla Glue, which is probably the most popular polyurethane glue on the market amongst pen tuners. No big bottles here to go solid on the shelf. We’ve got it is handy sized 60ml bottles, so you can use it all before it goes off, meaning less wastage for you.

We also have Gorilla 5 minute epoxy, in an easy to dispense, re-sealable syringe. With an open time of 5 minutes, and set enough to turn a pen after just 30 minutes, its ideal for all those pen turners who like the strength and workability of epoxy, but don’t want to wait a day for it to dry.

Both products are for sale at an everyday low price, which is below the RRP.

Gorilla glue from Beaufort Ink

Gorilla glue from Beaufort Ink

Pen stands back in stock

After the embarrassment of running out in December, we’re pleased to announce that all our models of pen stand are now back in stock.


Those stands may look similar, and you can buy them elsewhere too, but the problem continually reported by people who own them is one of stability. Our stands are designed by us and made for us to our own specifications to overcome the stability issue. They have bigger bases, an improved presentation angle and are made from 5mm & 8mm acrylic which is polished on every surface for the sake of good looks.

Our stands are integrated for a uniform appearance and are available to hold 1 pen, 2 pens, 4 pens and 8 pens. We also have a sexy looking stand to hold your business cards at your sales venue.

Have a look at them all here

Pen display stands from Beaufort Ink

Pen display stands from Beaufort Ink

New payment option at our checkout

We’ve listened to feedback, and we realise that some people love Paypal, and others hate it. So we’ve introduced an alternative.

From now on when you go to our checkout, you can choose to pay securely with your debit or credit card, or you can still pay with Paypal if you prefer.

Refill sample packs

Members of have been able to get hold of sample packs of our refills for some time. Now we’ve made them available to everyone.

Order a sample pack and see for yourself why Beaufort Ink is rapidly becoming the market leader in ink refills for discerning pen makers.

2015 – The year ahead

After launching our new website at the end of November last year, and receiving overwhelmingly glowing reviews from all quarters for our pen refills , we enter 2015 in the knowledge that our claims regarding quality and value for money are entirely backed up by those who have had the opportunity to try them out for themselves. From the outset, our aim has been to produce pen refills of the very highest quality at the best possible price, in order to provide a real alternative to the poor refills supplied with pen kits and to refills available from suppliers elsewhere.

Beaufort Ink’s philosophy has, and always will be that there is no merit whatsoever in selling the same thing as everyone else or in copying anyone else, which only serves to dilute the marketplace to the ultimate detriment of everyone. Throughout the coming year, we hope to build on our pen refill core products, by introducing other items which we feel will be of benefit to pen makers and pen owners, that are either hard to find, hard to get in modest quantities, or which can be improved upon through better design, material or manufacturing.

There will be more news on further developments at Beaufort Ink as they happen.

In the meantime, a happy New Year to one and all.