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Premium quality ink converters from Beaufort Ink

Our own long awaited ink converters for fountain pens are now in stock and available online.

Ideal for custom “kitless” pens, you can also upgrade the converter supplied with any pen kit to further improve the overall quality of your pen and add a premium to it’s selling price, especially if you are upgrading the nib as well. They fit all “standard international” fountain pens, which includes just about every fountain pen kit currently available on the market. They also fit all commercially available pens that take a “standard international” ink cartridge, and needless to say, they also fit our Bock nibs in both the Bock housings and the kit compatible housings.

Manufactured for us in Germany to exacting standards and tolerances, and made from the finest materials and components, they include specially designed, double sealed pistons to prevent seepage and assist ink intake, and are as smooth as butter to operate. They also feature smart nickel plated stainless steel seals and proudly carry our own name as a mark of quality.

♦ Double sealed piston
♦ Made from top quality components
♦ Smooth operation
♦ Nickel plated stainless steel seals
♦ Manufactured in Germany

Fountain pen ink converters from Beaufort Ink

Fountain pen ink converters from Beaufort Ink

Fountain pen ink converters from Beaufort Ink

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