Monthly Archives: August 2015

Creating web links to Beaufort Ink

If you have a website to help sell your pens and refills, it’s easy to give your customers access to our sales and technical information, but still keep your customers as your own.

We have a website which exists precisely for that purpose, which is, as opposed to the one you’re on now which is

Our “dot com” website is an information only site to help your online customers  learn about Beaufort Ink’s refill products. However, there is no pricing or ability to purchase from it – your customers have to come back to you to get the refills. It’s also not cluttered up with all the other products Beaufort Ink sells –  it’s concerned purely with refills.

Our “dot co dot uk” site is for the pen makers to buy from, our “dot com” site is a resource for the customers of the pen makers. If you notice, on the bottom of our refill retail packs, “dot com” is the site that is advertised there.

Also, if you set  the link to open in a new window, your customers won’t have left your site to view ours, so they can go straight back to your page and carry on where they left off.