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Preventing pen tubes from moving with Gorilla Glue

A problem with polyurethane (Pu) Gorilla Glue that is experienced by some, is that the inserted pen tubes move whilst the glue cures.

Tubes only move with Gorilla glue if you haven’t coated them properly. Gorilla expands, so if you have an uneven covering it will push the tube in the direction of least resistance, which is generally away from the area with least glue.

To stop it happening, follow this routine. The tube will never move, you don’t need to check it, and you don’t need to hold it in with tape or anything else. It also takes a fraction of the time it takes to mix and apply epoxy,…..(and it’s million times better than CA for so many reasons)

Place a 2 or 3 mm bead of glue all the way round the tube at both ends. On the end you’re going to hold put the bead 4 or 5 mm up from the end. Also put a bead of glue along the side of the tube between the two ends. Insert the tube about half way in to the blank, twisting it from side to side as you do so. Pull it in and out a few times, still twisting it from side to side as it moves in and out. The inside of the drill hole is now coated. Extract the tube and insert the same end of the tube in the other end of the blank, but this time insert it most of the way, leaving only enough to allow you to hold it. Use the same technique of twisting and moving in and out, then just push it in to its final position.

By doing this, you have evenly coated all of the outside of the tube and the all of inside of the drill hole. Now just put it down on a level surface and forget about it until its cured. To apply the glue and insert the tube as described above takes about 20 to 30 seconds.

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Gorilla glue from Beaufort Ink

Gorilla glue from Beaufort Ink