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Upgrading a Baoer 388 nib

Our latest extravagant indulgence has arrived at last, a Baoer 388 for which we had to splash out a massive £1.97  –  delivered. Rediculous!!

And what a great little pen it is – we can’t fault its appearance, balance, feel in the hand and so on, but the nib is truly horrible. Nothing wrong with its looks –  well, we could live with it anyway, considering what we paid for it. Nothing wrong with the ink flow either, but scratchy? Scratchy is not the word. Abrasive would be more like it.

Maybe we’ve just got a particularly bad example.

That doesn’t matter in the slightest though because the main purpose of buying the pen was to find out if a Baoer 388 can be upgraded with a Bock nib. Not a week goes by when we don’t get asked if a Baoer will take a Bock nib, so we decided it was time to find out for ourselves.

It can. A size 5 Bock nib to be precise. We had to remove the Bock from its housing and fit it in the Baoer housing, but the geometry of the two nibs is identical and the new one is a perfect fit, and so is our own Beaufort size 5 nib.

It's easy to upgrade a Baoer 388 nib. A Bock size 5 and a Beaufort size 5 are both perfect fits

It’s easy to upgrade a Baoer 388 nib. A Bock size 5 and a Beaufort size 5 are both perfect fits

Now is the time tto upgrade your nib

There has never been a better time to upgrade your fountain pen nib if you live outside the UK. With the pound at its lowest point for over 30 years, your dollars go further.

Bock fountain pen nibs are available in sizes 5 and 6, in a choice of finishes and point widths, straight from stock. Visit our online shop to see the full range.

There has never been a better time to upgrade your fountain pen nib

There has never been a better time to upgrade your fountain pen nib

Nib special orders

We’re happy to order Bock nibs that are not in out usual range of stocked nibs, and here are two we recently supplied.

On the left is a Bock 250 size 6 in solid palladium, and on the right is a Bock 380 which is a whopping size 8, in solid 18k gold. We were asked to supply it with no engraving beyond it’s hallmark.

A bit pricey, but both beautiful nibs and the 380 comes with an ebonite feed

Bock 250 in solid palladium and Bock 380 in solid 18k gold

Bock 250 in solid palladium and Bock 380 in solid 18k gold

Christmas opening 2015

Apart from a short break this coming weekend we are open next week right up to Christmas.

Friday 18th to Tuesday 22nd December CLOSED
Wednesday 23rd & Thursday 24th December OPEN
Friday 25th to Monday 28th December CLOSED
Tuesday 29th to Thursday 31st December OPEN
Friday 1st to Monday 4th January CLOSED
Tuesday 5th January onwards OPEN

May we take this opportunity to say thank you to all our customers for your support throughout the last year,and to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year

Happy Christmas

Happy Christmas

Some popular items back in stock

Just for information,  a few popular items which had sold out are now back in stock, if you’ve been waiting.

10 inch tubes for 7mm kits are back in, and we’ve also now got spare tubes for both the old style Jr Gent (15/32 and 25/64) and the new style Jr Gent (12.5mm and 10.5mm)
Pen kit spare tubes

We’ve now got centre band couplers for the Jr Gent in the new size too, as well as the old.
Pen kit spares

And the ever popular Yunstone Iced Mica pen blank is also back in, after a brief absence.
Yunstone crushed stone pen blanks

Upgrade 7mm twist mechanisms are back in.
Mechanisms & converters

We’re hoping to upload some 1 inch brown mahogany blanks later today, which we’ve got a small supply of, as well as some 3/4 inch. If you want some before then, you can always get in touch.
Wood pen blanks

And for the kitless makers we’ve added a couple more clip designs. We’ve never got around to putting any of them on the website unfortunately, but if you need a clip you always get in touch, and we promise to make the time to upload them soon.

Yunstone "Iced Mica" pen blank

Yunstone “Iced Mica” pen blank

July promotion

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Refill sample packs

Members of have been able to get hold of sample packs of our refills for some time. Now we’ve made them available to everyone.

Order a sample pack and see for yourself why Beaufort Ink is rapidly becoming the market leader in ink refills for discerning pen makers.

2015 – The year ahead

After launching our new website at the end of November last year, and receiving overwhelmingly glowing reviews from all quarters for our pen refills , we enter 2015 in the knowledge that our claims regarding quality and value for money are entirely backed up by those who have had the opportunity to try them out for themselves. From the outset, our aim has been to produce pen refills of the very highest quality at the best possible price, in order to provide a real alternative to the poor refills supplied with pen kits and to refills available from suppliers elsewhere.

Beaufort Ink’s philosophy has, and always will be that there is no merit whatsoever in selling the same thing as everyone else or in copying anyone else, which only serves to dilute the marketplace to the ultimate detriment of everyone. Throughout the coming year, we hope to build on our pen refill core products, by introducing other items which we feel will be of benefit to pen makers and pen owners, that are either hard to find, hard to get in modest quantities, or which can be improved upon through better design, material or manufacturing.

There will be more news on further developments at Beaufort Ink as they happen.

In the meantime, a happy New Year to one and all.