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Custom pens just got easier

If you make custom pens, often called kitless pens, or it’s something you’ve been considering and been daunted by the prospect, we’ve just made things a whole lot easier.

We have introduced a range of ready-made sections for fountain pens, that are already engineered and threaded to take Bock nibs.

The section is the component into which the nib assembly is screwed, and is possibly the most complicated element of making a pen from first principles. Made by Bock themselves, our new range of sections takes away the need for all the maths and geometric calculations, not to mention the need to cut both male and female threads on a wafer thin component. They represent a transition between pens made from kits and full custom pens, and still allow the maker complete freedom of design whilst removing a lot of the headaches.

Available for size 5 and size 6 nibs, we have them in stock on a wide range of platings and finishes, and are on our website to order right now.


Ready-made sections for custom pens or so called kitless pens

Ready-made sections for custom pens or so called kitless pens

Notes on making a section for a Bock size 5 nib housing

We frequently get requests for advice regarding the correct proceedure for making fountain pen sections for Bock nib housings, particularly regarding size 5 nibs, which appear to give more trouble than the size 6 ones.

  • Standard practice when establishing the correct drill size for thread taps is to subtract the pitch from the diameter. In the case of a Bock size 5 housing, that would work out as 6.4 – 0.6 = 5.8However, the very bottom of the housing has a tiny non-threaded area which has a diameter greater than the drill size.  Therefore we recommend that you use a 6mm drill, which will allow the housing to be inserted easily, without compromising the integrity of the section thread.
  • Ensure that the non-threaded part of your section is marginally longer than the non- threaded part of the housing. This will allow the housing to locate on the tiny rim under the nib, and not locate by running out of thread, which could cause it to seize up. 
  • Run your taps through the thread as far as possible, right to the end of the cutters, to open up the minor diameter of you section thread as much as possible. Once you have cut your thread, run a tap in as far as possible by hand from the opposite end, which will also serve to open the minor and to clear any swarf or other detritus.

Bock size 5 housing. See our website for full drawing

Bock size 5 housing. See our website for full drawing