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Custom pens just got easier

If you make custom pens, often called kitless pens, or it’s something you’ve been considering and been daunted by the prospect, we’ve just made things a whole lot easier.

We have introduced a range of ready-made sections for fountain pens, that are already engineered and threaded to take Bock nibs.

The section is the component into which the nib assembly is screwed, and is possibly the most complicated element of making a pen from first principles. Made by Bock themselves, our new range of sections takes away the need for all the maths and geometric calculations, not to mention the need to cut both male and female threads on a wafer thin component. They represent a transition between pens made from kits and full custom pens, and still allow the maker complete freedom of design whilst removing a lot of the headaches.

Available for size 5 and size 6 nibs, we have them in stock on a wide range of platings and finishes, and are on our website to order right now.


Ready-made sections for custom pens or so called kitless pens

Ready-made sections for custom pens or so called kitless pens

Triple start thread taps and dies now in stock

Great news for makers of kitless pens or custom pens.

Triple start threads, or triple lead threads are popular amongst pen makers because it means the  pen cap can be removed or replaced with fewer turns.  Whereas, depending on the length of your thread,  it takes several turns of the cap to screw it on with a single start thread, a triple start thread will do it in a couple of turns or less and is far more professional that way.

They’re not cheap, but there again they are not poor quality throw away items either. Made specially for us from M2 HSS steel by TapCo, the globally acclaimed precision thread cutting specialists, they are available as a set comprising  a split die paired with an intermediate (second) tap, which with care and proper use will last a lifetime.

Currently available in 10 x 0.8 and 12 x 0.8, the range will be expanding over the coming weeks and months to include six sizes from 9mm up to 14 mm


Triple start thread taps and thread dies are now in stock at Beaufort Ink

Triple start thread taps and thread dies are now in stock at Beaufort Ink

New photos for our Bock nib thread taps

We’re pleased to say we’ve finally made time to photograph the actual thread taps which suit our Bock nib housings. So instead of a representative picture on our website, now what you see is what you get.


Thread taps to suit Bock nib housings

Thread taps to suit Bock nib housings, available for Bock sizes 5 and 6

Custom pen thread taps for Bock nibs

Taps to suit Bock nib housings in both size 5 and 6 are on the way, and available to pre-order right now on the website.

Any tap (or taps) will get a pre-prder 10% discount, and if you buy a complete set of three in either size, you’ll get a pre-order discount of over 17.5%

No voucher codes required – just a special pre-order deal which will run for the early birds until they arrive here, which will be soon we hope.


Thread taps for Bock nibs from Beaufort Ink

Thread taps for Bock nibs from Beaufort Ink