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Upgrading a Kaigelu 316 nib

Our Bock size 6 nibs are a perfect fit if you want to upgrade the nib in the ever popular Kaigelu 316 fountain pen

The existing nib and housing can pretty easily be knocked out. Although the Kaigelu 316 has a threaded Section, the housing is not threaded and is lightly glued in place. A Bock size 6 nib in a Bock housing can then be fitted in its place, which again does not interact with the pen’s Section thread, but is an excellent push fit with no glue required.

You will also need to replace the ink converter – our Premium push fit converter is ideal for the purpose, as it turns out the the “standard international” converter supplied with the Kaigelue 316 is not as “standard” as it should be.


Kaigelu 316 fountain pen with a Bock 250 size 6 bi-coloured nib - Image courtesy of Dr Photios Zervas

Kaigelu 316 fountain pen with a Bock 250 size 6 bi-coloured nib – Image courtesy of Dr Photios Zervas

Bock fountain pen nibs now available in the UK

After successful talks with possibly the world’s most prestigious nib manufacturers, we are delighted to announce that we are now agents for Bock fountain pen nibs in the UK.

Bock’s nibs, which rank amongst the best in the world, have long been sought after by discerning pen makers but have always been difficult to obtain. Beaufort Ink has made them available online in different sizes for different pens, different point widths for different tastes, in polished steel, gold plate, bi-colour plate and for those extra special pens, 18 carat solid gold. They can be purchased pre-assembled with a choice of housings and feeds, including ones that are compatible with popular pen kits, and their range also includes calligraphy nibs.

With access to Bock nibs now made simple, pen makers have the ability to easily upgrade their fountain pens for the first time in the UK, and transform lovingly turned pens in to world class writing instruments.


Bock nibs from Beaufort Ink

Bock nibs from Beaufort Ink