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Some popular items back in stock

Just for information,  a few popular items which had sold out are now back in stock, if you’ve been waiting.

10 inch tubes for 7mm kits are back in, and we’ve also now got spare tubes for both the old style Jr Gent (15/32 and 25/64) and the new style Jr Gent (12.5mm and 10.5mm)
Pen kit spare tubes

We’ve now got centre band couplers for the Jr Gent in the new size too, as well as the old.
Pen kit spares

And the ever popular Yunstone Iced Mica pen blank is also back in, after a brief absence.
Yunstone crushed stone pen blanks

Upgrade 7mm twist mechanisms are back in.
Mechanisms & converters

We’re hoping to upload some 1 inch brown mahogany blanks later today, which we’ve got a small supply of, as well as some 3/4 inch. If you want some before then, you can always get in touch.
Wood pen blanks

And for the kitless makers we’ve added a couple more clip designs. We’ve never got around to putting any of them on the website unfortunately, but if you need a clip you always get in touch, and we promise to make the time to upload them soon.

Yunstone "Iced Mica" pen blank

Yunstone “Iced Mica” pen blank

Our selection of pen tubes continues to grow

Our range of spare tubes for pen kits continues to grow, with tubes now available for around 30 different kits, including the Pristina and Roman Harvest.

Tubes for the Zeta are also now back in stock and we also have a selection of pre-coloured black and white tubes for those that prefer not to have to bother with the spray can, plus 7mm and 27/64 tubes in 10 inch lengths for those who want to cut their own or need bespoke lengths for special projects.

We realise that tubes for specific kits are available from the manufactures themselves, but this is simply another service we offer. If you find youselves in need of some tubes for whatever reason, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you need here.


Pen Kit Tubes and Spares now in stock

Pen tubes and spares now available from Beaufort Ink

We are pleased to announce the addition to our website of a large selection of tubes, mechanisms, springs and other and spares for a wide range of pen kits, including sierra types, cigars, bullets, slimlines, Omegas, Zetas, Jr Gents to name but a few. The list is already quite extensive, with more to be added shortly, and

if there is anything you would like to see appear, just shout and we will see what can be done.


Spare tubes from Beaufort Ink are available for many pen kits

Spare tubes from Beaufort Ink are available for many pen kits